Whiskey Stones: Learning The Importance And Reasons Behind Growing Popularity

10-01-2018| 12.00 am

Currently,  whiskey stones seem to be quite popular as thy are  widely used by alcohol lovers all around the globe. Known to work mostly like an ice, but there are some positive notes to it, which even ice cubes do not have. Ice cubes are best for keeping your drinks cold, as whiskey is something to be cherished for long with little sips. But one major drawback with ice is that it melts fast and that will dilute the drink quickly.   If you are having whiskey with water then ice cubes may not create such difference in taste, but it will definitely create some change for the neat drinkers. The diluted taste will lessen the flavor of high quality scotch whiskey and single malt ones too. So, as a substitute these stones can be perfect addition to the kitty.

What are whiskey stones?

  , Whiskey stones are defined to be small cubes of natural stones, cut in perfect shape of an ice cube. It is used for chilling whiskey along with other alcoholic beverages. These stones are mostly available in various sizes and are currently designed to be well stored inside the freezer. You can also add that straight shots of whiskey scotch or even bourbon in glass and then add the stones for chilling the drinks. The best thing about these stones is that these won’t melt like ice cubes. So, you can be assured of hiving your drink neat till the last sip.

More to learn about the products:

  It is rather true that different drinkers have different  preferences. Some of them  add water to their drinks. But, such stones have the power to quickly lower the temperature of the drink and even preserving the unadulterated taste right from the bottle. Always remember that a nice bottle of whiskey is rather expensive, as it has been aged for years. Therefore, it is always mandatory to maintain the distilleries as per desired balance as flavors form an important part of the drink.   Adding way too much of water can make the taste all diluted and you won’t feel the kick like you would like. Such stones can always be used for eliminating any form of danger surfacing from moisture and can always provide you with a chilled and tasty beverage.

What are  whiskey stones made of?

  Recent studies have indicated that whiskey stones came into existence for chilling alcoholic beverages in the year 2007. It is also known as soapstone and it is a talc-schist. It is mainly a form of metamorphic rock and comprises of mineral talc. This type of stone is further rich in magnesium. Such stones came into existence by using metasomatism and dynamothermal metamorphism, which takes place in those zones of tectonic plates. Here, the rocks are compressed by pressure and headed with influx of fluids but without the fear of melting. It is always termed to be a perfect medium for  many years now.

Some physical characteristics to work on:

  Soapstone or the whiskey stones in their primary stages are relatively soft, mainly because of its high talc content. It has a definitional value of 1 on the current Mohs Hardness scale. There are softer grades, which might feel quite similar to that of soap, mostly when touched. It is hard to measure any fixed hardness of soapstone mainly because of talc composition. It varies from 30% to around 80% for the carving grades.   Right now, these soapstones can be put in freezer and can be used in place of ice cubes for chilling alcoholic beverages without even trying to dilute the content. Most of these whiskey stones comprise of a semi-polished finish, which mainly retain the softer look of the natural version of soapstone. There are other options available in the market termed to be highly polished in nature.

Flavorless and odorless options:

  These whiskey stones are mostly flavorless and odorless in nature, known to offer a sustained chill. So, it has no chance to change the flavor or smell of your drink, you are currently enjoying. Ice is known to be porous, which means it can absorb the flavors and odors in freezer or maker. These are potentially less aroma, but when mixed with alcoholic beverage, can change the smell and flavor to a bit. On the other hand, ice melts and that is enough to dilute the drink you are about to enjoy.   But you have the whiskey stones , which are non-porous in nature. So, you have the right to chill dram without even getting to affect its flavor, at all. So, you will notice one thing in your whiskey glass and that is perfectly balanced drink. Whether you are trying to add water to it or not, you are always welcome to try out the drink with such stones.

Won’t even scratch the glass:

  As whiskey stones are  non-porous in nature, so there is no fear of scratching your amazing whiskey glasses. Even though this is not common, but sometimes carelessness can cause you to pour the ice in improper manner and scratch some of the fine whiskey glasses. A simple scratch can easily deteriorate the condition of the glass, and you may have to buy another one. But, this is not the case with such stones.   These stones are rather simple to use. All you have to do is just put these stones inside freezer for four hours minimum, and after that, ad three pieces of those stones in drink. The soapstone is relatively soft, as mentioned earlier, and will help in holding the temperature and won’t even scratch your glass.   On the other hand, whiskey stones are completely safe for you to use and already been approved by the FDA team for its usability. This type of stone is definitely not going to react with the other household solvents you have like alcohol, water, mild acids or even detergents.


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Whiskey Stones: Learning The Importance And Reasons Behind Growing Popularity

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